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I Help Founder-Led Online Businesses to Grow Their Search Traffic & Increase Their Profits.

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How do I help?

I work closely with founder-led internet businesses to help them grow their search traffic and build their business.

I do this through creative content production, smart content promotion and targeted outreach to generate relevant links. All of this leads to better search engine visibility, more search engine traffic and ultimately more customers.

My team and I will work together to deliver results for your business. My role is strategy, project management and acting as your single point of contact.

Much more than a consultant

Founders turn to me for my linkbuilding experience and commercial acumen but also for the infrastructure I can offer through my company, Skyrocket. We have 130+ people in 10 countries so we can cover all aspects of your campaign.

A make it happen attitude that delivers real results

I started work with this client in 2013 with a brief to aggressively grow traffic in one of the most lucrative but competitive industries on the planet.

We did this through a combination of intelligent content creation followed by targeted promotion of that content to secure links and drive visibility for those assets as well as the domain as a whole.

The result has been a near 4000% increase in search traffic over our time working together and this culminated recently in the business being acquired by a NYSE listed company.

$60mm worth of organic search traffic

That's how much the NEW traffic, that we've generated for clients in the last 12 months, would have cost if they'd paid for the clicks on AdWords.

I'm focused on helping you grow your business

I only take on a limited number of client engagements at any one time and only ever one client per industry.

This means you can be assured that I will endeavor to understand you, your business, your market, your goals and how that all fits together.

I am focused on delivering results because how successful your business is, directly impacts how successful my business is.

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I'd love to help you grow your search traffic and build your business.

Let's have a chat to see if we're a good fit for eachother.

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